Showtime lets you watch live US TV wherever you are


Showtime is a new app by CBS that lets you Stream live TV, films and TV series on your iPhone and iPad without a cable subscription. Here’s how to use it outside the US. Continue reading


Watch US and UK live TV on your Android device

Would you like to watch live TV on your Android-powered smartphone or tablet? At EPELTECH we try to give you the best options available, and this is not the exception. Continue reading

How to watch UK live TV abroad

bbc news

I really miss living in the UK. I fell in love with the country: great history, people and culture. Regarding the latter one, I would dare to say British TV is far greater than its US counterpart (no offense). Brits like quality, not quantity. The BBC has set the standards for news reporting and shows like the IT Crowd and Inbetweeners are better in their original versions. Continue reading