Enjoy Facebook Messenger on the search bar of your browser

Facebook Messenger

I know a lot of people that think the Facebook can be a distraction. They get carried away with all their friends’ updates, photographs and videos. Continue reading


Hello: Facebook´s new caller ID app for Android


Facebook has released a new app called Hello. But do not, for one moment, think that it intends to compete with Whatsapp´s new VoIP calls (just this week, some iPhone users are able start using this feature as part of a “rollout”); that would be just stupid – Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook not too long ago. Continue reading

Swipp Plus, la herramienta para saber lo que la gente en verdad piensa


Es increíble cómo las redes sociales han evolucionado. Ahora la gente siente la necesidad de compartir todo lo que les sucede, sus puntos de vista y sus emociones en internet, y ven la experiencia en general como una manera de conocer a gente nueva y reforzar las amistades que ya tienen. Continue reading

Upload photos to Facebook from Photos app


This new Cydia tweak lets you directly upload photos from the Photos app to your Facebook account. Normally, you’d have to launch the Facebook app and then choose the image to upload. With this tweak, the whole process gets much easier. Continue reading

Follow EPELTECH on Facebook to win a prize


Yesterday we had a record 249 readers. Everyday we get around 80 people but yesterday EPELTECH had a great day, the best day yet.

We want to become your source for the best technology news, tutorials and reviews, but to get there we need to get things rolling.

Few months ago we gave away a proxy for Siri, won by Loredana Rivas, and we want to do something like this again to get people interested in surfing our site for articles and information regarding Apple, Android, music and so much more.

Since the launch of EPELTECH’s website, a Facebook fan page came along. It has 5 likes and we think we can do better, but for this to happen we need your help!

So, when we get to a 100 likes we will give away an app to start with, the details will become clearer as soon as we get closer to the goal.

What do you think? Do you like the idea? What kind of prizes would you like? An iTunes voucher, a fancy app…. This is just the start, so please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and help EPELTECH grow and become the best source for tech and gadget information.