How to make Facebook for web faster and better looking

Facebook Flat extension

If you feel like Facebook is making your computer slower than it used to be, you should definitely try this.

Even though Chrome feels like a fast browser, Facebook Flat is an extension that will make your overall “social networking” experience a lot better.

Available for free on the Chrome Web Store, Facebook Flat promises to not only make your Facebook page faster, but “beautiful and lighter”. We decided to try it and see if it lives to its description.

Once you download and install the free extension, you will notice a Facebook logo on the upper right corner, on the search tab next to the rest of your Chrome extensions (if you have any). That does not mean you need to press the f button to start using Facebook Flat; it only means the extension is active.

Facebook Flat

The next step is to head to the official Facebook website – you know it very well – and log in with your usual credentials. Then, bibidi-bobidi-boo, you will have a brand new Facebook with a different aspect and response.

OK, it’s not THAT fast, and we had a few problems loading our profile, but you can definitely feel the improvement once Facebook Flat starts to work properly. Tabs run noticeable faster and we like the bluer design with more prominent letters.

At the end, you will be the judge and decide whether the extension is useful or not – to be honest with you, our Facebook obsession ended a while ago. You can download it for free through Facebook Flat’s Chrome  Web Store page.

Are you a Facebook hardcore user? What do you think of Facebook Flat? Let us know in the comment section below.


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