Skype for the web: Make Skype calls right from your browser

Skype for web

Skype is now available on the web, thanks to a brand new official website that enables you to make video/audio calls and send messages right from your favorite browser.

All you have to do is head to and log in with your usual credentials. Depending on your browser, Skype will ask you to install a “complement” to start making calls on the web.

After the installation, the screen will display your previous conversations and three buttons on the upper right corner – video call, voice call and a contact button, in case you want to add the person as your contact.

Skype makes it clear right from the beginning this is a beta release, so you may find some problems along the way. Case in point, we could not see a contact section with all our contacts – a search has to be done manually using the dedicated tool on the left side bar of the screen.


You can also look for people on the Skype network with the “+” button and access your preferences by pressing on your profile image located on the upper left side.

Video and audio quality depends on your internet connection, and calls may drop after a while (something that already happens on the PC/mobile app). Overall, Skype for web offers a viable alternative to the computer and mobile apps.

We think Skype for web may come handy whenever you are using a public computer (where installing the Skype app is not an option), or you don´t have access to your mobile device. Try it, and let us know your thoughts down below – it is available in over 20 languages, including Spanish and English.

Try Skype for web here


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