SoundCloudify: a SoundCloud and YouTube player for Chrome


Why hasn´t Spotify released a Chrome extension? Imagine hooking up your premium account to Chrome and playing your favorite tracks right from an extension. No need to load the Spotify web player or the PC/Mac app.

Well, this is now kind of possible – not with Spotify though, but with Soundcloud and YouTube. SoundCloudify is a Chrome extension that enables you to listen to these two services´ entire catalogue right from the extension´s area (next to the search bar).

It is divided into four areas: Now Playing, where you can control what´s playing and the volume, and see your song history; Search, where you can browse through YouTube and Soundcloud´s libraries; Playlists, where you can create playlists and add songs to them; and Charts, with a list of the most popular songs on both services, sorted by genre.


Playlists seem to be one of SoundCloudify´s most interesting features. There are two ways of creating a playlist: you can either click on the Playlist section to write the name of your list on the “New playlist” section, or press the “+” button next to a song and write the title of your new playlist at the top of the pop-up window.

Music will keep playing, even while browsing or leaving Chrome on the background. You can pause a track and play it later – SoundCloudify remembers where you left off.

Hopefully Spotify and other music streaming services will follow and release their extensions in the near future. We will let you know when that happens.

Dowload SoundCloudify for Chrome (Mac or PC)


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