Opera Max helps you control and reduce your data usage

Opera Max

I have a contract free Android phone, and have to be watching my mobile data usage. Mexican mobile carriers charge a fortune for a MB.

Opera released Max, an interesting app that will help people like me to control their internet expenses. And not only mobile data, but Wi-Fi too.

Once you download Max for free on your tablet or smartphone, you´ll see a list of apps that hog your internet connection. Video services Netflix and YouTube maybe among them, but Max will also let you know how much data you´ll be saving if you turn on the “Saving mode” button.


Max breaks down the amount of internet each and every app uses by day or on a monthly basis, and you can even block apps from using internet on the background.

I like the control Max gives over the internet usage, even when connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you are using a prepaid SIM or are on a contract, the new app from Opera will help you avoid pesky charges or exceeding your monthly data allowance.

It has a very visual and user friendly interface – you will get a grip once you start using it. Have you tried Max? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Download Opera Max free for Android 4.0 or above


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