Stream and download songs for free on your Android device with Netease Music


We´re close to finding the true – free and unlimited – Spotify replacement. Netease Music, a Chinese music app for Android wants to compete with the monthly-subscription service with a solution that we think it´s worth trying.

Available for free, in Chinese and Spanish, Netease Music is a streaming app that comes with a great range of features.

Apart from featuring a wide list of Chinese artists on the main screen, Netease comes with a search option, in case you want to look for more “mainstream” artists, like Coldplay or Keane.

App Netease

Once you do a search for a specific artist, Netease will display a list of albums, with the tracklist ordered in the way the artist intended. You will also find music videos and live songs.

Netease won’t ask you to register, or pay a monthly fee to use the service. One of its main features include offline tracks, with download quality options, and sing-a-long lyrics.

You can also create playlists and edit the order the tracks are playing, a feature offered by Google Play Music.

Can Netease replace Spotify? Maybe not, for now. Hopefully, the team, or a group of users, will decide to translate the app and do a global release. What do you think of Netease Music? Do you like it? Let us know in the comment section below.

Download Netease Music for free from Mega (you´ll need to enable the Unknown sources option in the settings section)


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