Gogobot, a great app that can help you explore a new place


We love travelling and just noticed a new travel app on the App Store: Gogobot.

Googobot is a “city guide for activities, restaurants and hotels”. In other words, this app will help you discover your surroundings.

Once you open the app, which by the way is available for iPhone free of charge, you can register using your Facebook account or skip this step entirely – why on Earth would anyone want a third party app handling one’s Facebook information? In case you want to save your favorite places and invite your friends or family.

Make sure you enable the location tracking feature. After you do, Gogobot´s main screen will display useful information, like the current weather, the weather forecast for the next 5 days and recommendations on where to stay, eat and “play”.


On the bottom of the main screen, there are two buttons. “Review” enables you pick a place and review it; while “Postacrd” lets you create a nice postcard for your contacts using Instagram-style effects.

Gogobot has a left side menu with two interesting features, “Explore the World”, with suggested places, and “My Lists”, a place where you can store you favorite locations and share them with your contacts.

Overall, Googbot has a nice interface and “feel” that goes with iOS 8, and we definitely recommend it, in case you are looking to explore a new place, or why not, your surroundings. What do you think of Gogobot? Let us know your comments below.

Download Gogobot free for iOS 7 or later


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