We tried Periscope, the live streaming app from Twitter


Today Twitter released Periscope, an app focused on live streaming. How does it work? Pretty simple.

Periscope is available for iPhone, free of cost. Once you register using your Twitter user name, and enable notifications, you´ll see a feed with a list of live streaming videos – in case you see something interesting, just jump right in to enjoy the “show”.

Once the streaming loads, you can write a comment at the bottom and see who joins. The app is divided in three sections: “Watch”, with live streams; “Start a broadcast”, the main feature that enables you to start a live streaming; and “People”, with a list of interesting people to follow.


To start a broadcast, the microphone, camera and location will have to be on – in case you don´t want people knowing your location, you can disable this option before a streaming session.

Just for fun, we decided to start a live broadcast. After enabling each element, we had to write “what we are seeing” and press the “Start broadcast” button on the lower part of the screen (where there is an option of disabling the location). In just 5 seconds, six people joined, something that kind of freaked us out, so we stopped the video pressing the upper left button.

After live streaming, Periscope saves your video, so you can watch it later. You´ll find it at the bottom of the “Watch” section. We think Periscope could be very useful, in case you want to do a live announcement, start a debate or show something that is happening “right now”.

Periscope is compatible with iPad, although you´ll get a “2x” version with a low resolution. Hopefully, over time, Twitter will give iPad users a native app. What do you think of Periscope? Let us know in the comment section below.

Download Periscope for iOS 7.1 or later


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