We tried iOS 8 beta 1: how to install it and first impressions

ios 8

madlinkinparkfan1 gives us a quick view of the improvements made in iOS 8.

I would like to start this post by saying that, as madlinkinparkfan1 reported to EPELTECH, you don´t need to register your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to install and try iOS 8 beta 1. You only need to download the appropriate firmware and restore your device through iTunes by pressing Alt + Update (Mac) / Shift + Update (Windows).

Now, madlinkinparkfan1 made this YouTube video highlighting iOS 8´s improvements and song recognition features. Have a look:

As you can see, iOS 8 is way faster than the previous version when it comes to performing certain actions, like opening apps, using multitasking and opening Notification Center. Siri now recognizes songs and shows you a link to the track on iTunes (you know, so you can buy it), by saying “What’s the name of the song”, or simply by playing the track. As madlinkinpark1 goes on to say, iOS 8 beta 1 seems stable and doesn’t crash as much as you would expect from a first release. Have you tried iOS 8? What features would you like us to try and talk about? Leave your comments in the section below. By the way, make sure you subscribe to madlinkinparkfan1’s YouTube channel, he’s got great stuff there.



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