Watch HD movies on your Android device with Popcorn Time


Would you like to watch free HD films on your Android device? Here´s a great app you should check out.

Popcorn Time is an app, first available for Mac, that has a great collection of HD movies, including Frozen, American Hustle and Amazing Spider-Man. The best thing about Popcorn Time is that you won’t have to pay a dime to stream movies. Think of it as a free Netflix (granted, it does not host TV series, but when you try it you won´t mind).


It works through the use of torrents – do not worry, your computer won´t be overflown with films once you start you using it. Popcorn Time only streams films, it doesn´t store them. Streaming time depends on your internet connection, although we have tried it with a quite slow Wi-Fi connection and Popcorn Time loads pretty quickly.

Popcorn Time’s Android interface is quite different to it´s Mac counterpart – films show a buffering percentage line, the “Watch Now” icon is blue and the description and trailer are located on a different place. We have to stress the app is on a beta phase, so expect few crashes and movies not loading. Film quality is great, similar to the one you find on the Mac version. With Popcorn Time you´ll have a great selection of free movies on the palm of your hand.

Download Popcorn Time free for Android


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