How to watch UK live TV abroad

bbc news

I really miss living in the UK. I fell in love with the country: great history, people and culture. Regarding the latter one, I would dare to say British TV is far greater than its US counterpart (no offense). Brits like quality, not quantity. The BBC has set the standards for news reporting and shows like the IT Crowd and Inbetweeners are better in their original versions.

Available for PC/Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android, FilmOn used to broadcast live British channels for free. Nowadays, due to TV license restrictions set in the UK – Brits have to pay to own a TV and watch live broadcasts – the number of local channels available has significantly been reduced to four options, mostly ITV +1 channels.  And outside the UK, the BBC World News kicks in, a good option to know what´s happening around the world, but not in the UK. There are lots of services that, for a small fee, promise to let you watch live UK TV. Thankfully, there´s a way to lift geographical restrictions without even paying.

  • Download and install the extension AdTelly for Chrome
  • Open your favorite UK website
  • If the extension does not work, restart the browser

BBC News or 4OD are the perfect websites to try AdTelly. Now you will be able to watch your favorite British programs live without restrictions. Let us know in the comment section below if it worked for you, and a big hello! to our British readers.


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