LiveiPad: free online movies on your iPad


I just went on the Internet looking for new websites to stream free movies, and to be honest, it is getting quite hard to enjoy content without paying. I guess this has to do with services like Netflix or LoveFilm, where you only have to pay $10 dollars (or your local currency) to enjoy unlimited access to movies and TV series – and avoid spending time looking for bad quality content from unknown sources.

I understand film makers, they loose money that can be invested in creating new films. But come on, they should reduce the cinema fee and make entertainment more affordable to anyone who wants to watch a movie on the big screen. Nevertheless, it looks like that is not to happen anytime soon, so here is another option you can use if you think going to the cinema is too expensive or Netflix´s library is too poor: liveiPad.

As you can guess from the name, the website offers online streaming compatible with the iPad, and a broad selection of mobile devices, i.e. Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry. Videos are already available on YouTube, but what liveiPad does is include the movie embedded on the site, saving you the time and effort of looking the content on YouTube yourself, task that sometimes proves to be impossible.

Asylum, In Time and The Wolverine are some of the titles you will find on liveiPad. The website is divided into sections, including:

Everything is in English and the quality is pretty good. Although, don´t expect to find the latest films with the best of the qualities. It is worth noting some of the titles listed have been removed from YouTube due to copyright infringement.

Have a look at the selection and let us know in the comment section your thoughts. Remember to read our articles on how to watch movies on your iPad for free, and if you know of any other option available online, just write it down below. Remember to follow EPELTECH on YouTube and Twitter.


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