A new way to get free apps – FOR REAL


As you may or may not know, here at EPELTECH we love free stuff – we just can’t get enough of it.

If you do too, there’s a new website for you: Feature Points.

Similar to Free My Apps, Feature Points gives you credits for every sponsor downloaded and opened for at least half a minute.

For starters, you’ll have to access the website and click on “Sign up”, to install the profile on the settings section of your iDevice (don’t worry, it is safe, WITHOUT ANY SCAMS).

Then, open Safari again and download a sponsored app for 30 seconds.

After you do that, the browser will reload and show your credits, that you can redeem for apps, Amazon.com and US iTunes gift cards.


As you may have noticed, it is US only, but you can also get PayPal funds (up to $500 U.S. dollars. To get a US iTunes account without credit card, click here.

After testing the app, you can uninstall it without loosing your points.

The only “problem” I see is that Feature Points gives away stuff for the double sum worth of points, compared to Free My Apps. For example, a $10 dollar Amazon voucher “costs” 6,000 credits against the $3,000 on Free My Apps.

Also, Feature Points shows the number of free items left, something Free My Apps does not do.

The website also gives away iPad minis and loads of money.

You should definitively try Feature Points and start downloading sponsors!


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