Apple shuts down MobileMe and iWork


Apple has finally shut down both MobileMe and services for users.

The company had given a grace period of 30 days for users who wanted to backup photos and docs from their MobileMe account and move to iCloud. You can no longer do that however, as MobileMe now asks you to visit

MobileMe was actually shut down on June 30th, but Apple gave users a limited grace period so they could download their photos, files and iDisk data; or of course migrate them to iCloud. If you weren’t able to do that, there is no way to get your Photos and other data from MobileMe. Visiting will take you to an error page with a sign saying MobileMe is closed and point you to It’s easy to create an account on iCloud and it has a lot of advantages over MobileMe.

The same is the case with, which now redirects to Apple’s homepage. There was no grace period given for iWork users, so if you had any data it’s most likely gone for good. Both services have finally and officially been shut down and all that exists now, is iCloud. We hope you have already downloaded your MobileMe and iWork content and moved over to iCloud!

Via iJailbreak.


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