We just tried Window’s digital assistant Cortana on Android

That is right. Cortana – Microsoft’s digital assistant for Windows Phone – has been leaked. And we just tried it. Continue reading


A break from tech: My views on the UK´s 2015 General Election


Let´s put the tech world aside for a moment. I studied journalism in Cardiff, Wales, for three years. Since I left the UK, I´ve been reading The Guardian to improve my writing skills and give you the best tech news and reviews possible. I´m still working on that and know my English is not perfect. Continue reading

TripGo, an app for getting around Mexico City and other major cities by public transport


We found out a week ago that Google Maps now displays public transport directions in Mexico City. I know it may not sound like a big deal, but Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the world – so it´s good to have an alternative way of travelling, other than by car or walking. Continue reading

Bleep, BitTorrent´s new “private” messaging app

Bleep app

You might have heard of BitTorrent, the “leading software company with the fastest torrent client and sync and share software”. Well, add Bleep, “a fun & safe messaging app for private conversations”, to its list of software solutions. Continue reading

Get an hourly forecast for up to 10 days with Weather Timeline

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay

Browsing through the Play Store, I stumbled upon an interesting app for Android called Weather Time, which is featured in the section “Editor´s choice”. As a weather enthusiast, I decided to pay the $0.99 price tag and try it – hopefully, I won´t regret it. Continue reading

Hello: Facebook´s new caller ID app for Android


Facebook has released a new app called Hello. But do not, for one moment, think that it intends to compete with Whatsapp´s new VoIP calls (just this week, some iPhone users are able start using this feature as part of a “rollout”); that would be just stupid – Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook not too long ago. Continue reading

Stream and download songs for free on your Android device with Netease Music


We´re close to finding the true – free and unlimited – Spotify replacement. Netease Music, a Chinese music app for Android wants to compete with the monthly-subscription service with a solution that we think it´s worth trying. Continue reading

Do you want to type faster? Try this new app


I have SwiftKey installed on my Moto G, but to be honest, I don’t use it as much as I thought I would. Even with its swipe technology, I find myself typing normally, letter by letter, and sometimes that can be a slow process (I sometimes confuse letters and end up deleting an entire word because of a mistake). Continue reading